Her own voice to change the narrative is the most powerful tool Nadine has, as she is brutally honest and speaks freely from the heart. Her writing comes from a place of urgency, she feels her stories are not created by her but come through her. Giving words to what is uncomfortable to express and to hear, voicing who is being silenced and putting the limelight on what is being hidden in a critical, but always constructive way. Her articles are meant to open eyes that have remained closed for a long time, make her audience rethink what they always assumed to be the only truth and to reflect on ourselves both as individuals and as a society.

PIM Trend Report 2022 | Inclusion is not for everyone - how brands can contribute towards more equity.

Nadine was asked by PIM (Platform Innovation in Marketing) to write their annual Trend Report on Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity in Marketing. The trend report 'Inclusion is not for everyone,' is predicated on a divisive attitude, namely that traditional marketing is officially dead.

It benefits from a single norm, while diversity is the polar opposite. Successful brands are designed to be inclusive, and the paper explains what that requires. It offers readers a never-ending source of inspiration, information, and examples to highlight the fascinating world of inclusive branding and communication in the year 2022.

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