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& Kin

Creative strategy for Techleap with Foster & Kin

Jan - March 2021

Techleap is a non-profit organisation that empowers Dutch start-ups and scale-ups to move forward. For the launch of BOLD — a subcommunity within Techleap comprising of the Netherlands’ 300 most prominent tech founders — the company organised a full-day event with a program revolving around three main themes: attracting capital, internationalisation and DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion).

After winning a competitive pitch, Foster & Kin was tasked to run the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion element of the event. We decided to hone in on one aspect of DEI—promoting balanced leadership—rather than on the theme as a whole, as it is often associated with difficulties or overlooked. Balanced leaders make others feel welcome and safe — they are capable and trustworthy — and therefore they are more likely to foster an inclusive work environment.

DEI happens organically throughout the company as a result of balanced leadership, instead of becoming a numerical target that is only prioritised by DEI project teams. We were able to transform this idea into a captivating work of art that was both engaging and accessible for the audience.

Nadine was hired by Foster & Kin to work on the pitch and the strategic outline of this project.

Created by Foster & Kin
Produced by UNI_VERSE

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Creative strategy and direction Tony’s Chocolloqium

Tony’s Chocolloquium – a play on the word ‘colloquial’ for conversational lectures –was created to showcase how other outspoken change makers from diverse industries are shaking up the status quo, because a fairer world needs more than just fairer chocolate.

Case Study

Tony's Chocolonely

Tony's Chocolloquium for Tony's Chocolonely

May 2021

The 5-part series takes the form of 10-minute video chats between host Amelia Høy –actor and activist – and 5 social activists who have brought about positive systemic change in their respective industries.

These include upskirting activist Gina Martin who implemented a new law in the UK, sustainable textile creator Borre Akkersdijk who is influencing supply chain transparency, shared economy Hello Tractor appmaker Jehiel Oliver who is disrupting the outdated agricultural ecosystem in Africa, women’s financial liberator Chetna Gala Sinha who is revolutionizing banking in India, and political power adaptor Saikat Chakrabarti who is reshaping US politics with candidates like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

Tony’s Chocolonely strives to be a leading brand in driving social change. They have taken responsibility for their role in the cocoa industry, re-worked the supply chain, and proved that chocolate can be made on more equal terms. Their sweet solution is their chocolate bar, produced according to their five principles.  

But, a fair society isn’t just built by a fair cocoa industry alone.  Tony’s understands that an equitable world doesn’t exist in the vacuum of one industry and rather—as this series shows—that social change can only happen when we do better in all areas. As consumers, as voters, as humans.  

Nadine pitched the idea for the series, developed the strategy, co-created the format and guided the production. This project has been realized in close collaboration with creative agency We are Duffree.

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Case Study

Chuck Studios

Strategic support Culinary Identities for Chuck Studios

Jan - March 2021

Creative agency Chuck Studios translates the positioning and values of food brands into unique culinary equivalents. Not only do they make products look tasty, , they also transform them into a distinctive brand asset.

The strategic yet practical tool they developed ensures that food brands ‘speak the brand’. It’s like a visual identity, but for food and drink products.

By deep-diving into various brand DNA’s and linking them to relevant and current developments, Nadine helped to create stable foundations to further build these identities on.

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Case Study

Tosti Creative -

Brand Positioning for Tosti Creative

March 2019 disrupted the news market with a digital news product 20 years ago. Traditional news brands took a while to get there, but now  understand how digital works remains a leader in brand performance among the online news brands, but competitors are increasingly stepping up their game. knew they needed todo the same to stay ahead. The brand approached creative agency Tosti Creative to help expand their  loyal and engaged audience and further improve their brand performance. Based on insights that critical, well-informed and 24/7-connected consumers increasingly want to be part of news-making and are experts in many different areas, we focused on further strengthening the relationship between reader and publisher, using technology to facilitate this.

Nadine helped Tosti Creative lay a stable strategic foundation to achieve the above goals. Together, they started with an interactive workshop across and the Tosti Creative team to get everyone on the same page. Under the guidance of Nadine, they then presented valuable insights, developed a relevant point of view, and provided strategic suggestions for development of further activities. continues to lower the barrier for readers to contribute to their leading digital news platform and has become an inspiration for all media brands looking to further engage their audience.

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