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Nadine Ridder

Independent Creative Strategist, Cultural brand builder, Opinion maker, Speaker, Moderator, Activist for Equality

Founder of

“Developing a relevant view on today's issues and helping brands find a credible voice in doing so, is the most powerful tool I have.”


We live in times of change and therefore brands are facing new challenges. These challenges demand the ability to see beyond the obvious and understand the bigger picture.

With an extremely diverse background in marketing, communication & content and a trained focus on youth culture and purpose marketing, Nadine is able to create a new path for brands and individuals.

There’s a million good ideas – but only a few people intuitively connecting the dots. Never losing the audience out of sight, but staying right on topic and purely authentic, Nadine knows how to deliver your future proof message. Taking your brand out of its comfort zone, smack bam in the middle of today’s culture.

Walking the talk, Nadine is co-founder of IncludeNow., an industry-wide lobby for an inclusive media and advertising sector, author of the blog We Are All Activists, columnist at OneWorld and Joop and a member of Nieuw Amsterdam Raad, advising politicians on how to build a sustainable city for the next generation.

“Contributing towards positive change is the most exciting opportunity for brands today, and the most challenging at the same time. I use my voice to challenge brands to do better and my skills and experience to help them taking incremental steps forward."

Brands and Agencies

Are you struggling to attract an audience? Do you need a compelling story that blows away your competitors? Is your brand in need of transformation?

Nadine can help you with brand positioning, brand strategy, content strategy, pitch decks, creative briefs, manifests, and everything else that adds to the goal of clear direction for your brand or organziation and a great story to communicate this.

Interested in working with Nadine? Get in touch!

Public Speaking & Moderation

Are you looking for a sharp and outspoken voice to spice up your Event, TV/Radio programme or Podcast? Or are you interested in a tailor made workshop or training? Nadine is an experienced speaker, moderator and trainer in the field of diversity & inclusion, sustainability, purpose marketing and cultural brand building. Interested in booking Nadine? Get in touch!
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Nadine Ridder
Gedempt Hamerkanaal 135
1021 KP Amsterdam

+31 621 570 394

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