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Advice and inspiration on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Embrace organisational change with confidence.
  • Act and speak with more assurance
  • Increase awareness of weak spots
  • Gain practical tools and valuable insights
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Employees should be encouraged to contribute to your organisation.

In an inclusive workspace everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to make meaningful contributions. This creates an environment in which varied ideas may thrive, leading to improved decision-making processes, more creativity, and higher overall employee happiness.
Creating such an inclusive workplace, however, is not without challenges. Unconscious biases, a lack of knowledge and resources, and exclusionary leadership styles can all be substantial roadblocks to advancement. These obstacles prevent an organisation from fully realising the benefits of inclusion.
Keep valuable employees, eradicate toxic culture.
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Become a workplace people love.

Create a flourishing culture.

Build a healthy environment where people contribute in ways that suit their background, talents and abilities.

Attract and keep talented people.

Become familiar with the evolving concepts, mentality and behaviours of the next generation.

Be part of a better world.

Take responsibility by making authentic choices and inspire others to follow.

Let's grow together!

Like you, I humbly acknowledge my own imperfections and constantly seek to expand my understanding. Confronting our privileges requires courage, but it is in taking responsible action that we can create meaningful change.
Equity is a journey of continuous growth and learning. None of us are exempt from biases and limited perspectives, but together we can work towards a fairer and more inclusive world.
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  • Author Pim Trend Report 2022

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Keynote Talks

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Through my Keynote Talks, you'll gain confidence in embracing change. Prepare for an experience that will leave you not only inspired and motivated but also equipped to drive substantial improvements within your organisation.


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Prepare your event by hiring an experienced specialist in dealing with delicate and complex themes. In-depth knowledge and a sympathetic approach ensure that each conversation is handled with respect and care, creating an inclusive and safe(r) environment for participants.


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Whether you're implementing small or significant changes, seeking an outside perspective can be incredibly beneficial. I can provide you with valuable reflections, constructive feedback, and honest advice on your actions and decisions. Elevate Your D with PowerHours


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Empower your organisation by providing an accessible and user-friendly e-learning course to all (new) employees, aiming to give them a fundamental awareness of DEI basics.
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My mission for social equity is at the heart of everything I do.

As a child with a mixed cultural background, I learned from a very young age that people are often reduced to, and judged on, one specific part of their identity. I became sensitive to the way we categorise and judge people, not based on who they are, but on preconceived perceptions of what certain groups of people are like.

Fighting injustice became my way of making the world — which seemed to work for a limited group of people — work a little more for everyone else. Although I was aware that our society did not benefit everyone from an early age, I was not conscious of the broken structure in which we live. This system is based on our colonial heritage and maintains structural and institutional injustice.

To survive in this world as a woman of colour with a fluid sexual orientation, I naturally developed a powerful tool to protect myself: my voice.
Having to continuously prove myself, I taught myself to always come prepared, to bring something exciting to the table and ensure that my arguments were well-developed and grounded in facts.

Today, I am more trusting of my intuition, and as a result, I am producing some of my best work to date. I'm still fighting injustice, but I've become equipped to not let my past experiences stand in my way. I've learnt to utilise it productively, connecting rather than opposing.

To say the world is not in the best place right now is an understatement. But the growing collective tiredness of this system is promising, and the sustainable and equitable initiatives that are being developed as a result are truly inspiring.