Elevate your DEI initiatives by bringing in an outside perspective.
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Obtaining an outside perspective can be quite valuable while making little adjustments or beginning on significant shifts. I offer the opportunity to support your efforts by providing useful insights, critical feedback, and straightforward recommendations on your goals and actions.
Unlock the potential of the PowerHours packages, which are meant to help you all year round. This approach is based on the ‘strippenkaart’ idea, which allows you to purchase a package of hours of consulting upfront. You can use these hours as you like for the period of one full year. If you run out of hours, you can always add additional hours to your package in consultation.
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I can assist you with:

Strategy for DEI

  • Tailored planning: collaborate with me to craft a DEI strategy tailored precisely to your organisation's unique needs and objectives.
  • Define precise and meaningful goals: establish clear and meaningful goals and objectives that align closely with your organisation's mission and core values, ensuring a well-defined path to DEI progress.
  • Inspiring vision: cultivate a compelling and motivating vision that harmonizes with your organisation's DEI goals, inspiring your team to take action towards fostering a more inclusive workplace.


  • Effective execution: employ a proven toolkit of tactics and methods to seamlessly translate your DEI concepts into actionable plans, ensuring a smooth implementation.
  • Measurable outcomes: guarantee that your DEI initiatives produce observable, quantifiable results, fostering real growth in the realm of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Regular Team check-Ins: maintain an open and consistent line of communication with your team through regular check-ins, fostering continuous alignment and collaboration to achieve DEI goals.


  • Alignment with DEI principles: elevate your communication efforts by enhancing messaging across various platforms, including job descriptions, social media posts, event listings, and more.
  • Comprehensive policy framework: encompassing a code of conduct, HR policies, and communication guidelines that genuinely reflect your unwavering commitment to creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment.
  • Motivational content: craft and disseminate inspirational and motivational content that deeply resonates with your audience, amplifying engagement, empathy, and understanding.

Leadership Training

  • Personalized coaching: provide personalised one-on-one coaching for your Management Team, equipping them with the skills and insights necessary to lead inclusively, drive change, and effectively navigate DEI challenges.
  • Inclusive leadership: equip your leaders with the knowledge and resources required to lead inclusively, ensuring that every individual in your organization feels valued, included, and heard.
  • Establish regular check-Ins: I can regularly check-ins with leaders to foster open dialogues about day-to-day challenges, significant moments, and opportunities for continuous improvement in the realm of DEI.
Interested in discovering PowerHours?
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