"Building Confidence for Change: an Introduction to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion."
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Empower your team with inclusive education.

Looking to foster a more inclusive and diverse workplace? My tailored e-learning program is designed to equip your team with essential knowledge on DEI principles, providing the tools they need to contribute constructively within your organisation.
Broad applicability: it's suitable for organisations of all sizes and industries.
Convenient learning: employees have the flexibility to learn at their own pace.
Bilingual access: upon purchase, you will receive both the Dutch and English versions.
Easy access: videos are offered on Vimeo or as MP4 downloads.
Guided hosting: you can take advantage of my dedicated hosting throughout the program.
Personalized Q&A: I offer personalised sessions for explanation upon request.
Why empower your team with this e-learning programme?
Six concise explainer videos: each video, under three minutes long, offers clear and engaging content that makes DEI accessible to everyone.
Ideal for onboarding and beyond: perfect for new employee onboarding and as an ongoing resource, it establishes a solid foundation for embracing DEI.
Alignment through knowledge: elevate your entire team to a common knowledge level, ensuring that everyone is working towards shared DEI goals.
Video Topics:
Introduction + Identity: lay the foundation by exploring identity's role in diversity and inclusion.
Key Definitions: equip your team with essential terminology to understand diversity, equality, and inclusion.
Bias and Stereotypes: address the impact of biases, challenging stereotypes in the workplace.
The Value of Inclusion: learn the benefits of fostering an inclusive work environment.
Transgressive Behaviour: tackle discrimination and harassment, promoting respect and inclusivity.
Inclusive Communication: improve your skills to interact and work inclusively.
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