"Boost retention with Inclusive Onboarding: show your commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion from day one."
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Hiring is just the beginning. Retaining your talent is essential.

Did you know that young professionals often seek out companies with a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion, only to be disappointed by a gap between promises made during the hiring process and the actual workplace experience? Your values may align with your new hires, but how do you demonstrate your commitment to DEI from day one? Make your new employees feel they belong from their very first day by showcasing your dedication to DEI through an inclusive onboarding program.

This e-learning program offers comprehensive training in the field of DEI, allowing new hires to integrate seamlessly and ensuring that your commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is clear and actionable from the start. Show them that your DEI efforts are more than just words.

About the Program
The e-learning program includes six short explanatory films, each with a maximum runtime of three minutes. This format allows employees to quickly and easily become acquainted with the fundamental ideas of DEI in a very approachable manner.
Each video is followed by interactive assignments to ensure comprehensive understanding.
The e-learning is available in English and Dutch.
Suitable for organisations of all sizes and industries.
Flexible access options: receive a link to Typeform or integrate the videos into your own system.
Personalised Q&A: I offer personalised sessions for explanation upon request.
Three reasons why this e-learning program supports your team development:
Brings everyone up to the same fundamental knowledge level in one go.
Easy to integrate into the onboarding process for new hires, ensuring consistent knowledge access.
Employees can develop where and when it is convenient for them.
Video Topics:
Introduction + Identity: lay the foundation by exploring identity's role in diversity and inclusion.
Key Definitions: equip your team with essential terminology to understand diversity, equality, and inclusion.
Bias and Stereotypes: address the impact of biases, challenging stereotypes in the workplace.
The Value of Inclusion: learn the benefits of fostering an inclusive work environment.
Transgressive Behaviour: tackle discrimination and harassment, promoting respect and inclusivity.
Inclusive Communication: improve your skills to interact and work inclusively.
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